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  To exchange informations among persons and associations working for Votership or working
for Basic Income in any country of the world.
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What is Votership

Votership or Matdatavriti (in Hindi) - means,
A part of per capita production of Union Of India, to be received regularly in form of cash by every voter who is enrolled on electoral roll prepared by Election Commission Of India for the elections of Lok Sabha, by ATM cash card Or any other similar transparent means, as their share in gross national inherited wealth and in the collective wealth produced by collective enterprise of all voters, as a contrivance -
to enhance the dignity of work of individual in relation to one’s birth status;
to compensate voters who are suffering from the world consumers, world traders and from the policies of WTO,
to create fifth pillar in the building of democracy adopting the new structure of power and of laws based on the basic principles of economic democracy,

(Note- Votership is a newly coined word like scholarship to denote a part of GDP in form of cash to be received regularly by every voter as his or her birthright.) 

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  Policy Director

Shri Bharat Gandhi, Political Reformer

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